About Us

LLC «F Service» company is the official technical service of The Innoprom Exhibition.

F Service became a member of project SRO "REPRA": 0361.00-2017-6685061612-П-144 and construction SRO Union "UOS": СРО-С-166-30122009, the company is allowed to perform certain types of work, which influence the safety of objects of permanent construction.

Professional practice of F Service is conducted in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) - a GOST standard of quality, which is verified by Certificate of Conformity № СДС.ПИК.СМК 009371-17.

Our HQ and storage facilities are fitted with modern equipment and are located in the city of Yekaterinburg, which allows for fast completion of tasks connected with manufacturing and delivery of expositional equipment to various expo-centers and pavilions.

A few words about the history of the company:

In 2010, a separate department was formed in Yekaterinburg in «Formika» group of companies, specifically intended for technical maintenance of large-scale business events for international clients. The best example of such large-scale international business event is The First Ural Exposition of Industry and Innovation, also now famous as Innoprom. In 2012, Innoprom was granted a status as the Main Industrial Exhibition in Russia. Since 2013, it is called International Industrial Exhibition «INNOPROM».

In 2011, the team of professionals responsible for successful work on Innoprom was rebranded as an independent company – «F-Service», which annually provides technical services to Innoprom and its clients.

The team of managers in charge of «F-Service» is distinguished by professionalism, deep understanding of clients' demands, the team's bold pursuit of new better ideas and constant search for ways to effectively bring those ideas to life. The team of managers are also familiar with all the most modern technologies in their professional field as exhibition specialists.


The main professional specialties of our company:

  • construction of exhibitional structures;
  • manufacturing of advertisement elements;
  • installation of expositional equipment;
  • design, planning and construction of expo-stands on individual requirements of the client;
  • providing expositions with connection to electric grid, water supply, compressed air etc.;
  • coordination and installation of suspended structures;
  • electrical work;
  • provision of rental wiring, plumbing and exhibition equipment;
  • provision of rental furniture;
  • cargo handling;

Engineering services:

  • electrical connection on expositional stands;
  • installation of electric equipment;
  • provision of rental electric equipment and expendables;
  • connection to water supply;
  • rental of plumbing equipment and expendables;
  • coordination and installation of suspended structures;
  • equipment rental for suspended structures;

Equipment rental:

  • standartized stand components;
  • exposition equipment;

Additional services we provide:

  • manufacturing of expositional elements and extra equipment and furniture rental for presentations and other events;
  • electric equipment testing in our own laboratory.